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The best apps for Interior Design, that I would recommend. Starting off the new year of 2024 right, I love using the best productivity solutions available.  While somethings can’t be reproduced here are a few Web-based apps that are like my best design assistant. Technology can make life easier. For such a long time Interior […]

Best Apps for Interior Design 2024

Best Interior Design Apps

Yes you found it! Finally an article for you on how to work with Interior Designers to commission Art for their projects. Once an Interior Designer realizes the amazing value and impact of original art they don’t go back to mass produced prints.  This is a no brainer how-to-guide for commissioning art for Interior Designers.  […]

How to work with Interior Designers to commission art

Art commissions for Interior designers

Trello is a great visual organizational tool for your business.  Interior designers track orders and keep track of project management all while creating that perfect psychological environment for the client to call in an emergency. But how can that be done easily from both your phone, your computer, and you email inbox to-do list?  Well, […]

Trello for Interior Design

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