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"I have been experimenting with this app for a couple of weeks and am really enjoying it’s versatility. I downloaded the free version to try it out and quickly switched to the full version. I’m currently using it for a remodel and there are so many practical functions. This app has already become a valuable tool for me and will be a game-changer for my builder clients."

"Quick message to let you know I am really enjoying your app. I was able to do this mock up today for a client in a project where I am changing a door mullion style. Was super helpful! "

"Seeing what something looks like is essential to making a sound design decision with which you are happy. This app makes that possible, permitting multiple shapes, sizes and colors to easily be swapped out prior to install. Great job of making a difficult process simple to accomplish."

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Intuitive Design Tools: Experience the ease of intuitive design tools that simplify the design process, making it accessible to all.

Endless Inspiration: Tap into the worlds treasure trove of inspiration, create your own eye-catching color palettes and curate your own library of items to use.

Realistic Visualizations: Witness your designs come to life with realistic 2D visualizations, showcasing your vision in detail for building.

Seamless Communication: Collaborate seamlessly with clients, contractors, and partners, ensuring everyone is on the same page along the design journey.

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Design Appy is a treasure chest - a mobile design studio that fully harnesses the power of your iPad. 

Design Appy takes a little longer to download than your average app. Setting up your very own virtual design studio takes a moment to get everything just right!

We promise it’s worth the wait. So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, sit back for a moment, and let the magic happen!

Get started today and unlock your creative potential with Design Appy. From concept to completion, this app makes the task easier.

14 day free trial:   
$24.99/ month, $199.99 / year

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Interior Design Program

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Designer Discussions, a bi-weekly
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New Rules for Interior Designers: Use The Power of Influence to Scale Your Business

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The checklist for home design selections, organize and select all finishes by room.

Custom home Design Checklist

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