Design Appy was created to give your business creative support and a more flexible work environment.

Does the client want to "think about it"?  Cause they just can't "see it"?
Would they buy the more expensive product if they knew without a doubt it was the best choice?

Do your interior design clients want more than one option to choose from? Are you having a hard time gaining their trust?  Does your social media feed not reflect your ideal client profile, creative drive and design aesthetic?

Do you feel stuck in an hourly grind? Are you shipping off your drawings? Are you getting billed for 8 hours to get a rendering done when you only spent 2 hours making the selections?  

With Design Appy you can design and draw the install images that you need for a new home or kitchen or bath remodels quickly and "wow" your clients. You will win over their hearts and their trust.   They will know you are listening to them and making their dreams come true..


It was clear that interior design technology was not keeping up with the life we actually live and our clients expect.

Over the last 15 years, a lot of things have changed in the Interior Design world, but technology isn’t one of them.  

Last year, I met with 25 clients building million dollar homes, and time after time they were perplexed that the majority of drawing and documentation was still being done on paper and back in the office. Interior Design clients want an experience that was a more professional version of what they saw on TV.  

Clients love a collaborative design conception process where they could envision their new home coming together before their eyes, and feel confident in both their decisions and their designers skills as a precise design professional.


Hello! I'm Maria.

And yes, make you more money.

I am excited to finally offer you a new iPad app to help make your clients’ dreams come true through you.

The available technology options were expensive, didn’t provide the level of detail needed for new construction projects, and were often more focused on product sales than design. None of these solutions knew our industry, and the quirky creative and technical balance we need.

I created Design Appy to fill this void in the technology market, and to support your interior design business in being more agile, creative, and productive.

Why create a new design app?

Designer App Solutions


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