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What if you could meet with a client and document their selections as you go? 

What if you could have professional tile drawings and a sheet of finishes ready to email out? Sounds impossible right?

Could changes requested by your client be made easier? Of course...

Could you bid a flat fee project and make it more profitable? Sure. Wouldn't it be nice to get some extra time to pursue your personal projects....

Use that time for your blog, your art, your product line those assets that make money with out being tied to your time and fuel your soul.

I want to give your business creative support and a more flexible work environment.

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Hello! I'm Maria. 


Hey friend! I am Maria.  I am an Interior Designer and I want to share my app with you.

11 Years ago, I had an Interior Design firm with 5 designers while I was expecting my first child.  We were also busy with all of the mid-rise residential new construction condos in Austin, Texas.  My house was chosen to be on the AIA tour as well.  Life seemed great  right?!..  It was far from it.  The 2008 financial crisis hit, my clients stopped projects, my designers left, and I had my baby.  About a month after the home tour, the husband- exited stage left. 

I know first hand that life can be messy.    I realized  Interior Design technology is not keeping up with the life we actually live and our clients expect.  Last year, I met with 25 clients building million dollar homes and time after time they were perplexed that the majority of drawing and documentation was done on paper.  They were hoping for an experience that was a more professional version of what they saw on TV.  They begged for a relationship of design conception together and a visual of their new home to appear before their eyes.    They wanted to both feel confident in their decisions and my skills as a precise professional. 

I know that you have to rely on yourself. I know you have to be able to get a job done professionally on a deadline. You need to win over your client quickly so that it fosters a respectful working relationship.  You need to show them that your time use on their projects is both efficient and clear.  You need your clients to know that you can make every decision feel satisfying and that it is time and money well spent for them.    

I am excited to offer you a new iPad app to help make your clients dream come true through you!  And yes,  you can make more money. .

Why I made Design Appy


is this Important to me?

I  worked as a residential Interior Designer while juggling the responsibilities of being a single mom.  I realized that in all of those things you have to take care of yourself first.  It's the only way to make forward progress. 

I invested in new technology and looked for easy to use software that would make tasks happen for me professionally, quickly and clearly. I realized that most of my options cost a thousand dollars and were too meticulous for the new construction projects and the "quick design fee" (aka Cheaper) I was being paid.  There are a hand full of things out there that are not made by women and have more emphasis on product sales.  None of these solutions knew my industry, the quirky creative and technical balance we need.   

I dug in.  I found a mentor, I changed my work schedule, and I poured myself into this project.  I am sitting next to you in computer lab right now and I have all of the drawings you need for those semi-custom projects that need to be cranked out.  I made them for myself but now I want to share them with you.  I want to make you happier with the solutions available to you.

I want your business to be more agile, creative and productive.

Design Appy will help create tile drawing elevations and specifications.  You can draw a scale elevation- fill in all of the spec detail and send it off in a pdf.

Let me tell you more about it.


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Free Interior designer Planner Digital Download for iPad

Time tracking, Social Media Relief Sheets- staff meeting and more.  These sheets allow you to sit down in one sitting and plan out a months worth of social media. They help you to see how to repurpose your images across platforms to take full advantage of the opportunities out there.

I need these!

Free workflow forms to optimize your time

Time is money in this business!  Download these free time tracking, staff meeting, productivity, and project management sheets to help you to run your business more efficiently and effectively.

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Everything for a semi- custom home worksheets

Having a designer is a luxury.  It is vital for resale of any property and not being the decision maker is relieving, saves you time, saves money and it's a reward.  Here is a comprehensive list of the items to decide on when doing a semi-custom home. Includes almost 200 items to consider.

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