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Is there an Interior Design App to design a home for the Ipad?  

Is there an Interior Design App to design a home for the Ipad?

Design Appy is on a mission to empower individuals and professionals with innovative tools for creative interior design and home remodeling. We are dedicated to simplifying the design process, making it accessible to all, and enabling users to bring their dream spaces to life. Our commitment is to foster creativity, collaboration, and sustainability in the world of design, helping our users transform houses into homes that reflect their unique personalities and lifestyles.   

Easy Design Planning:
  •  Users can effortlessly plan and visualize interior design and home remodeling projects.
  • Users can transform their vague ideas into clear, actionable design plans.
Stunning Visualizations:
  • Create stunning visualizations of design concepts and room transformations.
  • See your dream spaces come to life, making any changes easy to see.
Time and Cost Savings:
  • Save time and money by making informed design decisions and avoiding costly mistakes.
  • Pursue your design goals with a plan and resources to solidify budgets and determine schedules. Drawings, notes adn mood boards help document and clearly outline the goals for the design.
Collaborative Design:
  • Collaborate  with clients, contractors, or partners on design projects.
  • Foster better communication and shared vision, resulting in successful projects.
Access to your curated library:
  • Explore a wide range of products and finishes from the internet and save it for use in your custom library.
  •  You can discover the perfect products and materials for your projects.
Design Inspiration:
  • Templates allow you to gain access to design inspiration and ideas from professionals and peers.
  • You can tap into a wealth of creativity and transform their spaces in unique and exciting ways.
Professional-Quality Mood Boards and Specifications:
  • Easily create mood boards and design presentations like those of interior design professionals.
  • Present your design concepts with confidence and impress clients and collaborators.
User-Friendly Interface:
  • Enjoy a user-friendly and intuitive interface that simplifies the design process.
  • You can become proficient without the need for extensive training or expertise.
.Increased Property Value:
  • Make design decisions that can enhance the value of their homes or properties.
  • A carefully planned out design potentially increase the resale or rental value of their real estate investments.
Confidence in Design Choices:
  • Gain the confidence to make design choices that align with personal style and preferences.
  • Live in a space that reflects individual tastes and lifestyles.
Professional-Looking Results:
  • Achieve professional-quality design results that can impress clients or guests.
  • You can elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your spaces and avoid mistakes.

How much is Design Appy? 

How much is Design Appy? 

Design Appy Offers 3 plans:
14 Day Free Trial

The Newest plan Offering Coming in 2024 will include shareable files and connection across devices. which is $24.99 per month and $199.99 a year. 
https://designappy.com/how-much-is-interior-design-appy/(opens in a new tab)

it is not saving a drawing?

How much is Design Appy? 

If you are experiencing an error upon your initial download:

1. Make sure your device is updated and running the most recent operating software.

2. Restart your device.

3. If the program is still not working properly, reinstall the application.

4. Make sure to take a screenshot of your current work. Deleting the app will delete your work.

5.  In some rare occasions saving is not possible because the memory is full.  The program is using the storage on your device.  If your memory is low there can be a issue with Design Appy being able to save to your device.

How do I cancel my subscription to Design Appy? 

How Do I Cancel My Subscription To Design Appy? 

Let's get that taken care of for you. There are four steps to cancelling a subscription.
This program was bought initially through the Apple app store and it renews through Apple. 

So let me show you how to cancel a subscription: Grab your iPad or your iPhone  this will take just a few minutes.

1. Go to settings on your iPad (or iPhone)
2. Go to the Picture of you and the app ID for the iPad in small letters it will say Apple ID cloud. 

Media Purchases on the top of the list on the left side (it will look like this)

3. Click on the Pop up square labeled Account settings_
There Is a line that say Subscriptions- click on the arrow to the right/ Once you click on subscriptions you will see the apps that renew on your iPad.

4. Click cancel subscription.

Please let us know if you need additional walkthrough assistance to complete your unsubscribe.

Is there an easy tile drawing program?

Is there an easy tile drawing program?

Design Appy is a tile drawing elevation program for the iPad. Start from a picture or begin from measurements.  Draw showers, baths, and kitchens.   Check out this blog post for instructions on how to create tile drawings for a home.

Design Appy is an iPad application designed to assist you in documenting and visualizing finishes for interior design and home remodeling projects. It helps you plan, visualize, and create beautiful spaces.

You can watch the video tutorials on how to use the work flow of Design Appy here. 

How often is Interior Design Appy updated?

How often is Interior Design Appy updated?

Design Appy is one solution for quick and easy sketch style program for Interior Elevations.  As an Interior Design program we update 3 times a year.  Design Appy pulls the update solutions from the feedback board.  Our belief that feedback is how you feed-forward.  Click HERE for the FEEDBACK board to add ideas and vote on suggestions.  On the feedback board: ask for new features, report bugs, share your ideas, and vote for the features you want to see first.

Have a Feature in Mind? Share Your Ideas:

Your input matters! Share your feature suggestions and ideas with us. Your vision for the platform can lead to transformative enhancements that benefit you and other users. We're committed to empowering your design creativity.

Interior Design app that uses photos?

Interior Design App That Uses Photos?

Design Appy is a home design program that allows a photo to be used and entered to size.  Begin by taking a photo, then giving the wall a height and width.  Once the image is imported items can be overlayed to the image.  Quickly go from a "before" image to a concept image of the design after a renovation.

Interior Design Appy brings your home design plans to life. You can create 2D elevations to scale while allowing for finishes to be reviewed in the space.  You can play with product images with an integrated background remover.  Items added are to size letting a visual to come together.  Once a visual is made a PDF can be made with notes added to explain installation.  Design Appy includes a dedicated form to explain all items chosen.  Email directly from the iPad your design. 

 Made by an Interior designer, Design Appy helps improve communication working with builders and clients.  Design Appy is a fast learning and easy program to help organize the home design process for everyone.
 Here is a tutorial on how to start from a photo.

How do i measure and object in The app?

How Do I Measure And Object In The App?

Once an item is added to the drawing.

1. Touch the object you want to measure.

2. Once the object is selected, an icon will appear on the bottom left of the screen.

3. Touch the measure button.

4. The size of the item will appear and a keypad will allow for modification of the size.

Can I access files across devices? 

Can I Access Files Across Devices? 

Yes,  TEMPLATE SAVED SHAREABLE are shared among the Design Appy Community users.  Once a week the templates are moderated and released among the shared templates.  Not all templates are shared public unless there is a specific request to release a users saved templates by the creator of the template. Some SHAREABLE submitted templates will not be released public as a service to ensure the images are a benefit to others.

Design Appy believes design should be as mobile and dynamic as the inspiration that fuels it. That's why Design Appy – puts the power of design in the palm of your hand. With our mobile solution, you're no longer confined by the studio or office. Design on the go, create on the spot, and showcase your visions with freedom and flexibility. It's design unleashed, anytime, anywhere.

Tap into the TEMPLATE SAVE + SHARE, Modify a design, play around with your creativity, inspire others, and showcase your work!
Please reach out to us and let us know what you think about our TEMPLATE SHARE community.

Can I run this program on my computer?

Can I Run This Program On My Computer?

Design Appy can be downloaded and is  available to run on the M1 Macs but it is not currently supported.  

We are an iPad program to allow for a mobile drawing experience for a mobile lifestyle.

Are you are interested in being added to the waitlist for a web-based program?  

Can I share files?  Can I send a modifiable file.

Can I Share Files? Can I Send A Modifiable File.

Design Appy always understands the value of visual storytelling. Design is more than just aesthetics; it's about crafting experiences and emotions. That's why we created Design Appy - to make visual storytelling effortless and scalable. With our platform, you can breathe life into your ideas, share your vision, and create designs that resonate with your audience. It's about making complex visual solutions easy, because your stories deserve to be told with clarity and impact.

We have a TEMPLATE SAVE + SHAREABLE system available that shares submitted templates within our user community.  Design Appy is planning to have a CREATOR profile that will extend beyond the community and share exclusively among devices privately and outside of the community network.

Are there tutorials or training resources available to help me make the most of Design Appy

Are there tutorials or training resources available to help me make the most of Design Appy

Yes, we provide tutorials, and resources to guide you in using the app effectively.

You can find these resources on our website or  prompts and starter prompts within the app.

how can I place an object on a wall in a specific place, like a niche?

How Can I Place An Object On A Wall In A Specific Place, Like A Niche?

1.  In the top menu on the left there is a simple rectangle.  

2 The rectangle can be sized to be a placeholder.

a. Touch the rectangle object (placeholder),
b. Once the item is selected the measure button appears in the bottom left corner. 
c.  Touch the measure  icon.
d. Type the desired size into the keypad on the right.
e.  Delete the placeholder when done.

Do you have people who can do The drawings for me?

Do You Have People Who Can Do The Drawings For Me?

We would like to find people who can help create drawings and deliver the drawings to professionals.

We will have the templating system available to start from a pre-completed project.  It will help save time and also assist in learning new ways to use the program.

How can I document and visualize finishes with Design Appy?

How can I document and visualize finishes with Design Appy?

You can document finishes by adding details like paint colors, flooring options, countertops, lighting, backsplash materials and more. To Document your selections, you can create to scale drawings with items entered in to size, The program walks through adding images to the visuals.  While allowing a process to keep track of the selections, The program has mood board formats, vertical and horizontal branded documents that can be saved or emailed directly from the program.   
A once complicated process is made easier with Design Appy.  The program keeps you organized while creating visual  room transformations within its special copyrighted process.

How are my Projects Saved? 

Are there tutorials or training resources available to help me make the most of Design Appy

Your projects are saved directly onto your iPad.  The Drawing is saved when the final step of the design is finished and the save button is engaged.

You can at anytime take screenshots of your work to have in your camera roll.

If you delete the program your projects will also be deleted with the app removal.

Once you complete your design you can save the image as a TEMPLATE and a version of your design is saved onto the Design Appy server. The project is viewable to the admin of the Design Appy program.   

Your projects can be made sharable to the community as a  file that can be accessed from other devices.  Sharing projects as templates allows the design to be available even if you delete your app from your device.  The TEMPLATE network is intended to share designs that can be modified and help each other save time, and inspire designs.

Are you a TEMPLATE community contributor?  We will share your expertise in social media by reaching out to you to get your approval to feature you.

Can I Prevent people from using my template designs?

Can I Prevent People From Using My Template Designs?

Your projects can be made SHAREABLE to the community when you change your save to Shared in the final SAVE screen.  At that point your design can be accessed from other devices.  SHARING projects as TEMPLATES allows the design to be available even if you delete your app from your device. Saving as a SHARED TEMPLATE intends the template to be used by other people.

 The TEMPLATE network is intended to share designs that can be modified and help each other save time, and inspire designs.

Are you a TEMPLATE community contributor?  We will share your expertise in social media by reaching out to you to get your approval to feature you.

If you want to keep your designs private DO NOT SAVE your TEMPLATE as SHARED to the community.  It's that simple.

Your device will store your projects without being placed onto the community server.

Have you submitted a design you want to turn private?  We release certain submitted templates once a week.  Please reach out to us and we will do our best to assist within a 7 day window.


Our CREATOR profile will be offered with the ability to share files directly to other devices privately.  We plan to unlock this level to a few active TEMPLATE SAVE+ SHARED COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTORS INITIALLY.

Users that do not share will also have access to the CREATOR profile at a later date with an increased price structure.  You will benefit from being a contributor and will find the experience of using Design Appy to be more fun!


I lost my Password

I Lost My Password

1. Click on settings
2. Click on forgot password. 
3. You will get a password reset emailed to you.

I paid for the app and it says I have the free version.

I Paid For The App And It Says I Have The Free Version.

Send an Email to Hello@designappy.com, with a copy of your receipt.

There could be a discrepancy with the log in email and we can check in on that for you.

I downloaded the program and it crashed.

I Downloaded The Program And It Crashed.

This can happen, these next steps should help get it running on your device.

1. Make sure your device is updating and running the most updated operating system.

2. Try the application again.  If this does not resolve the problem:

3. Reload the program again. Wait 20 minutes and see if the crash happens again. 

4. If this does not fix the problem please send an email to Hello@designappy.com

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