AI Interior Design Apps

AI Interior Design Apps

AI is Artificial Technology that simulates human learning and implementation. AI programs learn by the users requests and successful outputs. AI is quickly becoming increasingly more accurate and producing more successful outputs. Ai is becoming easier with less and less direction from the users. All Images in this blog post are AI-Generated Content.

Why is AI so controversial?

Anything new and unfamiliar is concerning and scary. Especially, when the technology is being taught by people using it. Ai scans the internet and has a database of information as vast as the internet.

Will AI affect the Interior Design industry?

Ai is here to help! Creatives will quickly adopt it. AI does not have the skills to care and convey the needs and wants of a client. It is hard enough to interpret what a client cannot clearly explain. The joke is Ai needs an description of what you want. While we all know our clients do not know what they really want. The exploration of the client’s design preferences is the foundation of the interior design experience.

Construction observation and implementation (aka Contact administration) is essential for a successful design. Until Ai can respond to a client in distress and visit job sites, interior design will continue to be a high-demand secure industry.

You may hear loud voices of concern, but the time is now to embrace something new.

Ai Image benefits for interior designers.

Don’t be scared and don’t be shamed for adopting Ai in your business. Delaying using technology, just holds back your business. A few people in the industry want to instill the fear of the use of these tools because it benefits their business to be the critics within the industry. Seeing people judge others for using Ai – just ignore them.

Ai Images will become the new resource for inspiration images. You will have a unique and exciting library of new curated images that you can use for communicating design concepts.

Pinterest will be replaced in many ways with this tool.

Let’s get you started. Here are the rules of AI images and how you will be able to use them.

Rules for using AI images for your Interior Design business:

  • According to the US government copyright office. Ai generated images are NOT copyright-able
  • Any AI content needs to have “AI-generated content” attached to it.
  • Ai images can be re-shared by others.
  • Ai images can be used for Inspiration.

AI Answers these Needs for Interior Designers:

  • How can I generate more content?
  • How can I make an extensive style guide without having to share other peoples copyrighted images.
  • How can I quickly generate images to help support and enhance blog posts and social media.

Drawbacks of AI for Interior Design images:

  • Ai’s ability to accept input information is limited.
  • Ai image generators cannot accept input of plans, or product images.
  • There is a loss of control that is needed to execute accurate Architectural Rendering.

Benefits of Ai Images for Interior Design:

  • Fast conceptual images
  • Creative flexibility
  • Prompting is easy
  • Active users are training the program to be more accurate and understanding of design aesthetics and styles.

Ai Interior Design Apps:

Midjourney is the program used to create the images in this blog post. Midjourney uses a Discord channel to interact and use the program. I prefer this program because it allows me to watch others generate images and I can learn from their prompts to make better images. This program takes 20 minutes to learn how to use it effectively but the work is worth it.

Dall-E is the Open AI ChatGPT image generator. The interface of this program is easier to use. It does not show you what others are creating. Which can hold the user back by not learning the program while using it.

Finch3D as of the writing of this blog post Finch 3D is currently accepting sign ups for their waitlist. this program will allow fast iterative spacial planning for architects and from what I see online this is an impressive tool.

How to use Midjourney to make Interior Images:

Visit the Midjourney site and set up a profile + account. You will need to download Discord. They have instructions on how to access the program;

This is the Discord interface:

The Midjourney channel is on the left, this is what a general feed looks like:

You will see others images and the people using the program will see the images you generate. You will need to keep an eye out on the thread for your image. Things move pretty fast.

At the bottom there is a Prompt window.

You must type. /imagine

The prompt should include these types of items:

  • How tall is the space?
  • What will you see out the window?
  • What shapes and size is the room/ rooms?
  • What type of room is it?
  • What style?
  • Color? (include specifics colorful is a full spectrum rainbow)
  • Light
  • Is it luxury or budget?
  • Light fixture type and size and location.
  • finishes and flooring

Start there, this detail will give you a solid prompt. The generating image will look like this:

You will get 4 images. At the bottom you will see a U for upscale. You can click the U1,2,3,or 4 and it will produce a larger better quality image. If you like one, but its not quite right you have an opportunity to ask for a variation of it. V1,2,3 or 4.

In this example I made a variation of image 1 and then upscaled them and saved them to my photos. Here are the results:

More Advanced Steps for Paying Users:

Once you get a rendering: you can choose to pan left or right up and down for your image angle.

Ai Interior design image pool side checkerboard
Variation tools for Ai images

You can request a variation that is Strong or Subtle. You can now select an area of the image and request a region of change. This is where you can choose to pan to the sides or change the camera angle of the image you have created.

Once you have a subscription you get access to search the database of images created. There will be a search bar on your account and you can search by room, style, designer, location and etc. This allows you to search and scroll like a Pinterest feed. Not every image you need you will have to generate. You can pull from the library. I highly recommend going to the link :

It’s a great place to search for keywords and explore peoples images and prompts to get those images.

Here is an example of the search by image interface:

Let me know what you want to learn next.

Design Happy!

If you like this post check out the app Design Appy an interior elevation drawing app for home design specifiers.

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