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 5 best client design tips and tricks ever!!! I am officially done with having a big career in Interior Design. It’s OVA for me. I did 20 yrs and now I keep my foot in the pool but I am hoping to keep growing in other ways. So before I go I have a few […]

5 Secret Client Management Tricks

When you are looking to find the perfect client gift there are two ways to handle it. 1. buy them something that they have set out so their friends ask about it, <and your good taste> or 2.  Give them a super-secret design gift.  This is where Three House Rules, the client wrap-up gift that […]

Best gift to give a client- House Rules

If I was to make an amazing lemonade couldn’t I be successful?  As successful as say the Coca Cola company?  Isn’t it just a good tasting drink that would make a wildly successful business?   As an Interior Designer, we sell a homemade lemonade (product) that is formulated for each client and we reinvent it […]

Is Interior Design Business Scalable?

10 Indicators: Yes, You are a BAD client…. Welcome to designing your dream home and the crazy train known as the next year of your life. I know you want to have the best Designers in town… BUT… You have to be a good client.   Those gorgeous published homes and effortless relationships happen because […]

10 indicators You are a Bad Client

Trello is a great visual organizational tool for your business.  Interior designers track orders and keep track of project management all while creating that perfect psychological environment for the client to call in an emergency. But how can that be done easily from both your phone, your computer, and you email inbox to-do list?  Well, […]

Trello for Interior Design

Let’s let the cat out of the bag… I wish I was the person who reveled in her level of courageousness, her deep meditation practice or fearless zeal for life.  But I am not.  I strategically move forward under the veil of my dear friend naivety.  How can this be the source of strength and […]

Nothing is ever really that far out of reach… Your superpower is sometimes the thing you least expect.

How to distribute design content and make more progress with less work. Do you ever feel like you are putting together all of the work for social media and only putting it on one platform?  Have you been told to get an email list, send out emails and blog? Does all of this make you […]

Social media stress relief

Instagram can be a great marketing tool for you.  *But before you find yourself freaking out over stagnated growth, understand there is a strategy and plan to it. There are many beautiful pictures and feeds telling compelling stories. It’s time to step up your game……. Social media is important, you should implement a strategy behind […]

Are you using your Gram with a plan?

I hired a business coach 2 years ago and it was expensive.  So expensive, that basically, what she said …I did….   And when she mentioned I needed to read 6 books STAT. I knew I was screwed.  What?!  I don’t read books unless I am on a plane or the internet is not available (also […]

2019 Books to read for your design business

Do you know what a person with billions and a person with no money have in common?   Each person has 24 hours in their day.    Rich or poor there is one EVEN playing field and it is TIME.   People with Money can buy other people’s time to get their tasks accomplished.  Enter…. the […]

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