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Why should an interior Designer have a TikTok account?  My thought is to stay ahead on Instagram. Let’s discuss how these work. TikTok- The playground for testing your Social Media ideas for Your Interior Design Business. Tiktok has video trends and I find the platform is easier to use.   It leans more to independent creators and […]

TikTok and Reels for Interior Designers

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Awards for Interior Designers: ASID IIDA KBDN NARI HBA Most designers invest time and money into design awards under the category of design excellence.    Looking back at these opportunities I realize that it is best to prioritize and apply for the correct awards. Design awards can tie up a publishable project that could be […]

Interior Design Awards for Business Growth

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Price has no value until it is set in context. Products are priced in sets of three for a reason and there are lots of sales tools that help us understand why.   Decision making is a circle. Each person is located somewhere in the sales process. When clients decide to take on a design […]

Pricing and Setting Value for Interior Design

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We have all seen the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It was originally published in 1943 under the name Theory of human motivation.  This is a great way to look at the way interior designers work with clients and what they are experiencing.   Human Nature works through the pyramid from the widest point up to […]

The Theory of Human Motivation

Have you wondered how the Americana Design families have created a phenomenon of Interior Design?  Is it unique or was it properly placed in the trajectories of Studio McGee and Fixer Upper.  If you swing in Waco and attend the home decor amusement park known as magnolia home you will learn a lot about their […]

Americana Design Phenomenon Studio McGee and Fixer Upper

Understanding Lifestyle brands with Fixer upper and Studio McGee

Are you wondering how to select tile for your home design project? You are in luck! I am here to tell you that a designer grade design is more than pretty things. It’s in the details, the thought, and the planning.  You need to steal these tile details to give your house that designer level […]

how to select tile for a home design project

Design Appy tile visualizer and Tile design details

When thinking about how much an Interior Designer gets paid I first want to mention that Interior designers own their own business and are typically freelance help.  If you are here wondering how much you should pay your interior designer or if you want to  be an interior designer I want to shine some light […]

How much do Interior Designers Make?

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Kitchens are the hardest and the most important.  I recommend starting with what you want your kitchen to feel like then working from there. Remember all backsplash tile looks darker under the cabinets. Here are some tile drawings and elevations of kitchens in Design Appy.    

Kitchen tile drawings in Design Appy

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Once you design the exterior of your home and work out the details of the floorplan.  You can begin envisioning your future home.  But what does it look like?  How does it all fit together?  Here are a few examples of bathroom elevations for your home.   Remember in Design Appy, You can save images […]

Bathroom Designs in Design Appy for Home design

Bathroom Design App

When you begin designing a home there are a few things that stand out as super important.  Today I want to look at how we can treat a fireplace wall in different millwork to create a different feel. What are we to do with the fireplace wall? Well, there are lots of options.  Here are […]

Fireplace Wall Drawings in Design Appy

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