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How TikTok Influences the Future of Social Media for Interior Designers

 TikTok Influences the Future of Instagram

Just like trying to fit your whole skin care regimen in a Tsa Approved ziplock bag. Interior Designers will need to be agile when it comes to their social media presence and the influences of what the future holds.

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It’s clear that the influence of less sophisticated platforms are becoming the source of the curated information for some of the beloved content creators on instagram.

A few weeks ago a person posted a rug hack where they screwed a rug down to the subfloor under their carpeting on TikTok. This seems like a novel idea.

So novel that most investment property owners plead for these types of videos to stop so that they were not tending to rental properties with holes in the second floor or potential water leaks from such acts as this.

but this is what happens next:

The society of internet hierarchy

This is how it plays out :

I see a press request from HARO in my inbox requesting interior designers to comment the diatribes of poor behavior occurring on TikTok.

Approximately 4 weeks from the point of the TikTok original post-  An influencer that has a rug line, appears in well lit  video recorded and edited with audio doing the same thing on instagram. The blogger may be in casual pants, a comfy homestyle mom blouse and a pair of shoes. But she is wielding a drill and attaching a tripping hazard to the subfloor of hers/or a friends home.

Where are they getting this content?

They are using TikTok to resource viral content and home design tips.

Tiktok is a place to test and get lots of immediate unfiltered feedback.

It where and why I find the unique interaction and banter of TikTok to be more interesting. TikTok app platform is the NEW CONTENT whereas Instagram is repurposed TikTok.  There is a younger population on TikTok yes but the rest are moving there slowly but surely.

How TikTok is Disrupting Social Media and Influencing the Future

TikTok is a search engine

You will see that Instagram is asking for Keywords.  They are doing this to make content easier to find and they are copying the footsteps of Tiktok.

The computer should be your friend and it gets to know you through certain clues.

  1. What text do you type on your video?
  2. When it scans the image what is it seeing?
  3. What words do you say?
  4. What is in your caption?

TikTok Keywords

Hashtags are no longer the driving force behind importance and search-ability of your video.  It’s all in the keywords you use.  Often used keywords and clear use of those specific keywords explain to the  algorithm who you are and what you do.

Why TikTok is so Popular and it’s Impacting Social Media

TikTok is a social media app that has been gaining rapid popularity in the past few months. It is a short-form video app that allows users to create and share 15-second up to 3 minute videos with their followers. The app has succeeded in its goal to become a “micro-video social network” because it offers a new form of communication and interaction with followers.

The app has grown so rapidly because it is an entertaining alternative for the more popular platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. TikTok provides an outlet for people who want to share their creativity in ways they can’t do on other platforms:

  • such as posting longer videos or
  • uploading more than one video at a time.
  • the platform shares your old content
  • Less curation and more teaching available

Facebook’s rebranding to Meta and re-marketing themselves to a younger audience is the obvious wake up call to.  We all know it will be important to understand the trends and values people are choosing.

Facebook has been thriving on the value of creating conflicting and highly interactive content prioritization.  The social media concept works because of  control and manipulation.

Facebook is focusing on a younger audience by targeting 18-24 year olds. Facebook’s future depends on the success of younger generations and they’re taking steps to ensure that. They’ve noticed that while teens spend up to nine hours a day on the site, they don’t necessarily post anything and it’s not clear what they’re doing. Older generations like millennials and gen z-ers have been using the platforms to support their businesses, marketing and run ads.

It’s no secret that the thought of social media scares older people. Older generations like millennials and gen z-ers have been using social media for their entire lives, so they’re used to the idea of posting anything and everything they do on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. But for people who are not familiar with this type of constant self-documentation, it can be hard to embrace and participating in it and getting in front of the camera.

The good thing is that based on amounts of views growth and popularity, TikTok values the quirky weird entertainment side of the world over that of the already successful.

They love to hear paint be splashed, animals act quirky and people act upset only waiting to delight them later with something funny.

It’s all about to change for Facebook and instagram so there is no time like now to learn how to make it work for you.

I am here to tell you that it is easier than you think.

TikTok is not for the perfect person. It’s for the personality and entertainment aspect of life.

Parasocial interaction

Cash in on Parasocial Interaction

The relationship between the audience and anyone in the media is the most successful when it is one of parasocial interaction. This is an engagement where people may form an imaginary or real relationship with someone they only know from a screen. This type of parasocial interactions are investments in things like television, movies, and video games.

We now have this tool at our fingertips to gain business growth.

You are just needing to implement it for the audience.

What are easy videos to have for your business for TikTok?

  1. A video of your get ready bag, what do you take to an install? or what do you take to an initial client appointment?

  2. What does your conference room look like for a client presentation?

  3. What do your work documents look like?

  4. What does it look like when you go shopping? is your SUV packed to the gills do you have two shopping carts?

  5. What are your secret best? Paint color, tile, window covering, appliance? Think of it as your version of Oprah’s favorites?

  6. Seasonal Holiday decor and ideas?

  7. Jobsite what does it look like? and is that messy place a happy moment for clients? or is that the second that they are experiencing ”the trust fall” that you walk them through?

  8. Think about what makes working with your business unique and special? Show each of those elements. Get people familiar so they feel like they have worked with you even before the begin working with you,

Why should an interior Designer have a TikTok account?

  My thought is to stay ahead on Instagram.


  • The playground for testing your Social Media ideas for Your Interior Design Business.
  • Tiktok has video trends and I find the platform is easier to use.  
  • It leans more to independent creators and less celebrity style people.  (as of right now)- celebs are joining daily.
  • TikTok is easier to use
  • You can search by the song to start.- Amen Praise Jesus.
  • The main page shows what is trending.
  • Voice over is just better easier.
  • l like the interface better. 
  • If you load a video,  it suggest songs that will match the beats and movements of the video you loaded.

Google can search TikTok videos. 

Insta shows your video (within 2-3 weeks of being made) but TikTok doesn’t use when it was loaded in as a reason to share it or not. They still show older videos and the count continues to grow. They also will feed your new followers old content.

If you understand some of the basics on how they value a video it’s pretty easy to use. PS there is no dancing.

What you need to know to do to post a quality TikTok:

  • Follow other people to research video formats you like
  • Save audios that will work with your niche
  • A well lit image of your face is
  • A cover label for the video  (not covering the face)
  • No borders
  • No logos from other platforms
  • Letters to not cover your face.
  • Keep it short. The shorter videos (7-9) sec is ideal but you can record up to 3 minutes.

TikTok likes a story. 

If you can get them to see a reveal in a next video keeps someone clicking on your profile. Like you won’t believe what happened to this house/client

Picture of Maria outside holding her phone in cowboy boots

Using TikTok is a great way to resource content for your instagram

How TikTok Measures value of the content.

  • Did they watch the whole video? 
  • Did they comment? 
  • Did they visit your profile and see another video?
  • Did the viewers subscribe?  

If so they will continue to bring up the video and show it to others.

# tags are different

  • #housetok
  • #cleantok
  • #Restocking
  • #housetour
  • #fyp
  • #Organizing

Words to start a video:

  • What I wish I could change…
  • life has been better ever since…
  • years ago I…
  • # of the best ways to achieve
  • One thing that is not talked about enough

(Just don’t show up and say I just wanted to pop on here and tell you about my outfit…) 


  • Teach 1 super simple thing we like to call it edutain-ment!
  • What you wish you knew
  • Tell a story
  • share a resource
  • teach a home design tip


If you produce a high viewing video they will show it to new users as part of their campaign to draw you in and keep you on the platform.

When you start, You will encounter sultry teenager, conspiracy theory, fake videos (of actual events) and crazy videos that will make you see the awkwardness of the whole content range of TikTok. If you inter-act with people,  you will end up in a Venn diagram of things that are of similar interest.

You will know if you are producing good content if a video gets past 300 views.  If you find you have no videos showing over 300 views you are not making things that are taking off. a good viewing video could get 6K views in a few hours in one day.

Find a high performing video and Duet it or stitch it. it will go out to the other person’s audience.

When you are applying these concept to Reels:

  • Instagram likes a curated visual
  • Instagram needs a short format
  • Possible Traffic source type: Sound or For you page
  • Found with hashtags
  • Call to action
  • Share it to your feed
  • Share it again in your story
  • Create a hook
  • Ask question in caption

What NOT to do in Reels:

  • No tiktok watermarks or logos
  • Text from other apps
  • Poorly lit face
  • Text covering face

Focus on a niche or topic so instagram knows who to share it with

  • Use instagrams audio source if possible. They reshare videos to people who use the same audio for their reels
  • Always use Audio even if the audio is turned down so low you can’t hear it.
  • Save audio’s and reuse it native on Instagram
  • Your reel-feed will fill with examples of the audio you have saved.
  • Using a popular song helps your reel to be featured


  Get out there and try it!

Talking about video for you on reels

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