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Best Apps for Interior Design 2021

As an Interior Designer, I am always looking for the best apps to use on the iPad and iPhone.

Starting off the new year of 2021 right, I love using the best productivity solutions available.  While somethings can’t be reproduced here are a few Web-based apps that are like my best design assistant.

Technology can make life easier. For such a long time Interior Design businesses have been at the mercy of engineering and architecture type programs.  Many that do not fit the hourly billing model and others that make being a solopreneur cumbersome.

Here are a few of my favorite can’t live without resources that are like having a design assistant in your pocket.


1. Design Appy iPad App to see finishes for spaces and a quick visualizer to help see what you like. Creates tile drawings and elevations.  

Ipad finish visualizer

Impress them with the best!

2. MagicPlan– for measuring and documenting the space. available on your iPhone.

— I can have a client take measurements of space and it’s pretty understandable and accurate.  This works great for Virtual design appointments and also for walking a project and getting a second hand on your as-built measurements. No wobbling clipboard and tape measure/ taking notes – where your client runs at you and asks if you need their help. You need 4 hands for a set of as-builts.  This program is the easiest to use and I have successfully received dimensioned PDf’s from clients.

3. Trello-for order tracking and connecting with your team virtually on projects.

–This is a web-based program that can help you to communicate your design ideas with a client, your work schedule, and an organized way to track orders for your projects.  it allows you to set up a card to hold information and keep it organized in columns.  I have a template set up that you can download to see how it works here.

Interior design Trello template

4. Canva- to create all your graphic needs.

The internet goddesses of Australia must have been sent from heaven when she decided the world needed this program. Because we all do. An easier graphics solution to help support our solopreneur businesses while looking just as professional as any larger company.

Canva as an Interior Design tool

5. Planoly- To layout and schedule your social media

There are a few other programs like Hootsuite, tailwind and later. Right now I like this interface and how it works. I still post from my phone but this works easily.

6. Grammerly- helps to check writing while keeping the tone of communication on par. I am filled with typos and grammar errors this is like having a short proofreader in my computer looking over all that I do, so I promise it makes the idea of blogging and writing just feel better.

7. IFTTT- (if this this then that) will grab your insta-post and pin it, then tweet it and it is pretty endless in its skills. You don’t have to check in with it. It’s always running.  How can this help your Interior Design business?  Well, imagine getting your content posted to the platform when you want it,  by setting up a plan.   Just generate content place it on the first platform and watch as it gets tweeted, posted to Facebook a few days later, and lands on your Facebook page.  All while being pinned to pinterest.- Magic short people that live inside my phone and computer.  I love technology.


Let me know what is your favorite software program because I want to use it too.  Pin this to your business board to save for later.

Interior Design apps for 2021

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