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Do you know what a person with billions and a person with no money have in common?   Each person has 24 hours in their day.    Rich or poor there is one EVEN playing field and it is TIME.


People with Money can buy other people’s time to get their tasks accomplished.  Enter…. the GLAM world of “Designer”.  It’s so Glam! <squeeel>  I see you there… rolling your eyes.  Is it me or did I just get a call about a contractor knocking a painting off a wall because they were on the OPPOSITE side of the house hanging up a cabinet?  Or was it the frantic response to removing dog tinkle from the new rug that seduced you into this career?

The nature of the business is the Designer Servitude Attitude.  You can honestly know that your work schedule is going to revolve around your clients or their projects.  So here is my first question.

Is your work schedule unpredictable?

Have you said I just need to keep moving and wait to see what tomorrow holds?

Do you know what your average hourly billing is per week?

Do you know how many projects you need?

If your workday is not some-what regimented to being at a desk/ in your car/ and with a client.  You might not be in control of your schedule and not making as much progress.  AND You are NOT set up to know your average billing per month.

the Challenge is to learn how to chunk your tasks, time and location.  I have a time challenge sheet where I encourage you to write down each task that you do for a few weeks.  I would do one or two then come through and highlight the task by it’s type or CHUNK.

Mine are:

@ the DESK SPECIFIC tasks…

In the car

w/ Family

@ Location Client work

Flex- Time

Think of it as organizing time just like a college curriculum.  Certain tasks fall in certain areas.  You will begin seeing your natural patterns and your true schedule.

I’d love to see how yours turns out.  Please share it with me in the posts below.






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