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Outdoor Living – One Room challenge Week 1

Porch plan

Making more of the outdoors

Welcome to the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge,  outdoor living and dining redo, by me, Maria.  Little secret about me and my marriage. (all the single ladies listen up)  It all happened because of the “career” – being an Interior Designer.   Who knew that getting a sexy career in construction was the love language of a man in online dating.  Gasp!

Just like the surprise that my second foray into matrimony would be due to the job description in my profile.  He grows to love me a little more each day…. and I find I dig his opinions.  For real, this romance is built on the foundation blocks of my job is cool and we both enjoy it.

This January when the weather was cool and we were sitting on the tattered remains of his old house outdoor furniture.  That handsome man of mine made another great decision.  He enlisted my services.  “Babe, no pressure but we have lived here three years.   I would love to have nice outdoor furniture. I’d like it to be done so we can enjoy it this spring.”

Guys, give me a tiny break here. I built an app over the last two years… like focus and imagine your release date is  Feb 2020. I assure you this brave man was stepping into the alligator pen just even thinking I could or would add anything else to my list of to dos.

outdoor porch pictures before

eek, posting these pictures so that you understand.. where we have been…

We are a second time’s the charm marriage.   It means, I have to work with a man with an existing aesthetic and furniture stash.  It’s not that he is hard to deal with,—– I find it hard to tell someone that just bought us a house,  took us to Hawaii to marry me and is a dream with my son…  that I might be OK with burning their storage unit…  Just being honest here.

Wedding in Hanalei bay image

See proof…

I did like all compliant people would do. I decided to….. wait……. it………. out.

Finishes for the living room design

It’s going to capture some of the things we love about travel and how we can have it in each day.

Now as we slip into a new world of curbside pick up.   Which is how I hope get rid of my existing items.    I hope you join me in the changes that are happening at my house.

It will be fun. I have some DIY ideas that have already been scrapped and I am crossing fingers that my missing furniture piece makes it here by the deadline.


The Plan:

New dining

New living room

Food plants and Herbs


Add in texture

Sprinkle in Color

Tackle a facelift of the Red Devil…. I’ll introduce him next week.

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Outdoor living room before and design concept

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  1. Congratulations on second time’s a charm! You give me hope LOL! I loved hearing your story and look forward to following.

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