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7 Problems Clients Experience during the Home Design Process

Design Appy is an Interior Design program for home design and it improves the client experience.  Design Appy is a visualizer, a tile drawing program for elevations, and  specification format for Interior Designers, decorators, builders, and tile showrooms.

7  Problems Clients Experience during the Home Design Process: 

 The person building a new home is different today than they were even 5 years ago.

If you look at the client experience.  Clients need and expect services faster than ever before. The average age of an interior design client is 35-50 years old.    When you think about what these people experience for work and life they are using technology.  The client experience and expectation changes with time.  The expectation of the homeowner is they want a more HGTV style design experience. The want the process to be easy quick and with few delays.  Unfortunately, that is not how it works.

1. Delays

Clients have enthusiastic momentum when they start the design process.

When that momentum is maintained the clients make decisions easily and feel comfortable with a forward pace.  Once a person looks at the finishes for their home and begins to see their dreams come to life they get in the decision making groove.  They feel comfortable with making a percentage of the selections without seeing the whole home designed.  They will make general selections to make progress and move their project along.  They know from watching the design shows on TV that “if” they can see a rendering that they will be secure in their options and happy with the experience.  If there is no opportunity to see the finishes they are selecting they pause, take a break and pause the project.   The homeowner is expected to wait, causing a break in the momentum.  The forward movement is harder to restart and the long breaks typically cause more problems than help.  Homeowners begin researching options and generate paralysis or a complete project change before even receiving the bid or rendering that is requested.

Time delays breed doubt and more confusion.  Design Appy expedites an Interior Design business workflow by preventing the largest delays.

2.  Lack of Visuals

The homeowner is expected to wait for any visuals.

Most clients anticipate that there are renderings and moodboards to help them see the selections for their home.  Renderings are also available to be made and it takes a few days to get made correctly.  The investment of time and money at this point make it costly to make decisions.  The loss of comfort in making quick and easy decisions become stunted by the pause in momentum.

When there isn’t enough communication through visuals available during the design process,  it makes the whole decision experience more stressful.  If a quick drawing and visual can be made the client can clearly decide and feel that they are heard during the process.  The client can make a few changes and see if their first choice is their most solid decision. The request for a rendering is an additional but the items needed to make forward movement are available within the appointment are available with Design Appy.

3.  Design Co- Creation

The client experience anticipates the creation of their home to happen before their eyes. 

Some design clients want to spend the day shopping or hire a designer for a day to help with a new build. Others will lean into their builder resources for guidance and use a tile showroom to help them knock out the selections for their home.  Either way the home owner is looking for an experience with responsive professional.   They want to feel like the technology is there to help them along the process.

The whole process of working along side your clients will actually increase the value of the design appointments.  They also don’t need to have a followup appointment if they change things… or Maybe they do. In fact, most “design for the day”, clients will still want a deliverable.  These HGTV savvy design clients also hope for real-time drawings or renderings but none of those deliverables are available in a day of design service.  One of the benefits of offering  these turnkey services for a homeowner, they know exactly what you spent your time on.  Design Appy helps to gain client buy in through real time visuals and creative interaction.

4.  See it in the Space

If it looks good in the space then they will know that its the right choice for them.  As a designer, I  know if I can get those big ticket items like a painting or a rug into the house they will say yes.   While in the showroom, the excuse is that they just can’t see it and they don’t want to commit.  I am dealing with a confused mind and a lack of trust. Having an ability to take someones picture draw over the top of it or add drafted home images over the top of it can help move someone from disbelief to completely secure confirmation.

5.  Verify the Best Option

Have you heard the quote before: “A confused mind always says no”.?  Or the excuse: “I can’t see it, is there something I can see to be sure?”.

It takes up to 8 unique interactions with finishes or images for someone to understand what they really want it. People will search Pinterest for items and make main stream changes based on images that they see online.  Approval happens when you can confirm the material looks good in your space, in the amount that you want and it is aligned by price.

6.  Long lead time for Price

Pricing for the materials is one of the first questions from people wanting to make finish selections for their home. 

Design Appy creates an Interior Design business workflow that speeds up the pricing request process.   To estimate you will need:  the initial selections, drawings of how it is installed, and take offs and installation bids.  Most decisions will be made based on how it will impact the overall budget.  It’s best to have a way to push through the estimation process so that they don’t have to go back and reselect. Design Appy helps get to estimates and take offs as fast as possible for builders and showrooms.

7.  Clear Decisions Making

Unclear decisions happen when someone is unsure about what they chose, where it went and why.

One of the best ways to prevent confusion is to have visuals that can be signed off on that can also work as a record of how the design was intended.  Having an opportunity to review selections and be clear on what was decided is an added benefit for the client experience

What Design Appy can do:

  1. (Delays)— Improves appointment momentum
  2. (Lack of visuals)–Creates Quick visuals
  3. (Lack of design co-creation) — Real time Design Co-creation
  4. (See it in the space)— Digitals modification of Photographs or elevations
  5. (Verify the best option)— Easy changes and clear documents
  6. (Long lead time for price)— Send out drawings via email for price request and take offs
  7. (Clear decision making)— Happy clients. Design Appy!
Interior Design Program for Home design

The missing program to seemless move through teh design process

Once you download Design Appy on your iPad this is how to use it for your clients. 

Here are ways Design Appy will help your work flow.

Designer at ipad with tile samples

Umm yep this pile is your new house…..Trust me….

How do those home design shows with trendy colored kitchen cabinets and the patterned flooring do it?  Well, those show homeowners are under contract that they don’t get to make any decisions.  Some clients feel that their home design is their new favorite task and a full time job for them much time to do research, and look at every website or design board out there. Those time delays breed doubt and more confusion.  Decisions paralysis kicks in and clients begin to doubt their decisions.   So as a professional what do you do.?

Design Appy helps to Build trust, gain business leads and bust excuses and apprehensions.

  1. Sales- your camera roll can contain images of all of your favorite “go-to” products.  Show them by taking a picture of a space and placing the object in it. – no more go back to your computer and using photoshop to show drapery fabric or a light fixture. Showing art on Design appy
  1. Quicker Solutions/ More Trust– Not all clients start off as Full service clients.  When I meet with a homeowner to collaboratively brainstorm about their home and look at lots of selections, (they expect multiple options). During the process they learn quickly they only like or want a few options.  If I am making 5 bathrooms worth of selections the homeowner may not be able to decide between their favorite two for the Owner suite. but the second option becomes the guest room and by bath 3 the: “I trust you, just do it.” I love every thing you have pulled so far.
      • To make this process faster draw up the walls for each room and sizes before meeting with your client or builder. Label each room in the program you intend to do that day. When meeting with the clients document the selections and quickly scroll through different sizes and patterns that you know will look best.
      • In a pinch add in the tile pulled from an internet picture and cropped down.
      • Email off the house to your assistant to make changes, put together Purchase Orders or update drawings as the project progresses.
      • When you realize you missed a grout or a liner– look back through images quickly to see what space you are being asked about.
  2. Remodeling a room- Take a photo of a space and show the finishes you recommend.  Grab the cool wallpaper and the patterned colorful floors and reclaimed teak tile that out of context they would say no to but seeing it in the space makes sense.Design appy tile drawing app
  3. Designer for a day-Use the tools in Design Appy to show your client what you recommend (without having homework that needs to be done back at the office.) Wrap up the task that day while the momentum and the creative juices are flowing. If you need to cook dinner, sleep on it, check e-mail and deal with pressing tasks your “design for a day” followup becomes a burden.   Especially now that they have had time to change things or ask additional questions.               Designer for a day-Use the tools in Design Appy to show your client what you recommend (without having homework that needs to be done back at the office.) Wrap up the task that day while the momentum and the creative juices are flowing. If you need to cook dinner, sleep on it, check e-mail and deal with pressing tasks your “design for a day” followup becomes a burden.   Especially now that they have had time to change things or ask additional questions.

    Design appy tile drawing

    a Quick home fix

  4. Recruit new Clients- Does a Realtor have an Ugly home listed? Grab the images off the listing and show them the proposed design that you could see for the house.  You will become the new best resource for them they never knew existed.Create some social media content on deman.

    Kitchen remodel

    Simple solutions

  5. Marketing your business-I love to design expensive spaces with wonderful light fixtures and go over the top of a normal clients budget. I post those items on my social media and Pinterest to get more clients with higher budgets and a design aesthetic that is more in keeping with my ideal client.  Create a style guide for your website with a survey and gain email addresses.  How about Hermes Wallpaper?

    Hermes wallpaper powder

    Do you like the wood cabinet with lucite legs option?

Design Appy is here to make design more fun.

 Tips to use Design Appy for Interior Design


  1. How to get white.  Instead of going for the color circle.  Touch the white slider for white each time.
iPad Design Appy

Select white

2.   Use the Camera to show finishes like wallpaper and tiles:

Take screenshots of square and rectangular products from the internet, or snap a photo and crop it down in your photo editor.  You can measure the object once it is the space and put it in to scale.

Design Appy bathroom image

Use images you find online can be saved to the camera roll and used.

3. Create Multi-Wall Installs: Blank Walls are your best friend.  

Use the blank wall to make a divider in a drawing or show a point where two walls meet.

4. Add additional tile patterns

Initiate the tile object feature in the program to make accents of additional tile in bathroom and kitchen drawings.

Shower wall in Design Appy

Use a blank wall to create an untiled area.  Take a screenshot of your install and reuse it in other drawings

5.  Photograph an existing space and place objects over the image.   

Kitchen remodel in Design Appy

Real-time Collaboration with Homeowner

6.  Design Appy has  a background Remover- and you can place anything into your drawings.  

Your camera roll can become a curated library of your favorite materials.

Non-Square tiles will need a background eraser to insert them into a drawing like the one shown below.

A mirror from CB2, a restoration hardware light, all easily shown in a space to scale.

Design Appy Vanity wall

Add odd shaped items, lighting, and real mirrors.

7.  Moving a small object is hard but possible, watch for when the pink crosshairs are shown before trying to move something small.

If you are dealing with a small object be careful to make sure you see the pink lines for move.

Stretch is engaged with a blue arrow in the bottom left-hand corner, or the red rotate indicator in the top right. It can be frustrating trying to move a small object.

Design Appy Bathroom tile drawing

Wait for the pink Lines to indicate the moving function

These are helpful tricks to make the app your new favorite tool.

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