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TikTok and Reels for Interior Designers

Why should an interior Designer have a TikTok account?  My thought is to stay ahead on Instagram. Let’s discuss how these work.

TikTok- The playground for testing your Social Media ideas for Your Interior Design Business.

Tiktok has video trends and I find the platform is easier to use.  

It leans more to independent creators and less celebrity style people.  (as of right now)- celebs are joining daily.

TikTok is easier to use

You can search by the song to start.- Amen Praise Jesus.

The main page shows what is trending

Voice over is just better easier andI l like the interface better. 

If you load a video it suggest songs that will match the beats and movements of the video you loaded.

So why should an interior Designer have a Tiktok account?  My thought is to stay ahead on insta.

When I see something multiple times on insta I can tell that they got the idea off of TikTok.  Insta shows your video (within 2-3 weeks of being made) but TikTok doesn’t use when it was loaded in as a reason to share it or not. They still show older videos and the count continues to grow.

If you understand some of the basics on how they value a video it’s pretty easy to use. PS there is no dancing.


  • Likes a well lit image
  • A word label about the video on the cover
  • No borders
  • No logos
  • Letters to not cover your face.
  • Keep it short. The shorter videos (7-9) sec is ideal

TikTok likes a story.  If you can get them to see a reveal in a next video keeps someone clicking on your profile. Like you won’t believe what happened to this house/client

Picture of Maria outside holding her phone in cowboy boots

Using TikTok is a great way to resource content for your instagram

How TikTok Measures value of the content.

  • Did they watch the whole video? 
  • Did they comment? 
  • Did they visit your profile and see another video.
  • Oh they subscribed?  

If so they will continue to bring up the video and show it to others.

# tags are different

  • Popular Tiktok topics are
  • #cleantok
  • #Restocking
  • #housetour
  • #fyp
  • #Organizing

Teach 1 super simple thing

What you wish you knew

Tell a story

If you produce a high viewing video they will show it to new users as part of their campaign to draw you in and keep you on the platform then they pepper in the disturbing nature of the content on the  platform. You will encounter sultry teenager, conspiracy theory, fake videos (of actual events) and crazy videos that will make you see the awkwardness of the whole content range of TikTok


  • Traffic source type: Sound or For you
  • With hashtags
  • Call to action
  • Share it to your feed
  • Share it again in your story
  • Create a hook
  • Ask question in caption

What not to do in Reels:

  • No tiktok watermarks
  • Include text native in reels in your video
  • Make sure the image is well lit
  • Text does not cover face

Focus on a niche or topic so instagram knows who to share it with

  • Use instagrams audio source if possible. They reshape videos to people who use the same audio for their reels
  • Always use Audio even if the audio is turned down so low you can’t hear it.
  • Save audio’s and reuse it native on Instagram
  • Your reel-feed will fill with examples of the audio you have saved.
  • Using a popular song helps your reel to be featured


If your last post has low engagement the next reel you do will help boost your previous work.  Get out there and try it!

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