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Increase Pricing and setting Value for Interior Design

Price has no value until it is set in context.

Products are priced in sets of three for a reason and there are lots of sales tools that help us understand why.


Decision making is a circle.

Each person is located somewhere in the sales process. When clients decide to take on a design project they could be gaining awareness or they could be ready to take action.  Where they are located in the process they need to move through each of the stages.

One Important phase is the COMPARISON phase:

This is where, as humans, we understand how much something is worth by seeing it in context.  If there are two similar sofas and there are 2X prices we typically want to know why and we want to pick from the options.

the sales flow for decision making

How can we create value context?


The best way to understand how people work is to consider goldilocks and three bears.




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