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Bathroom Designs in Design Appy for Home design

Once you design the exterior of your home and work out the details of the floorplan.  You can begin envisioning your future home.  But what does it look like?  How does it all fit together?  Here are a few examples of bathroom elevations for your home.

Bathroom Design App


Remember in Design Appy, You can save images and import them from your camera roll.

Start with the overall dimensions of the wall, then enter the size of the tile creating the overall pattern.

Add objects and scale them with the measure tool.

tile drawing hex tile

Pin this for future reference

tile drawing with vanity and hex tile

add colortile drawing for powder bathroom Art Deco

Change the pattern and tile sizestile drawing with plus shape tile diamond tile in Escher pattern tile drawing vanity tile drawing with herringbone tile

create double vanity walls

tile drawing with scale shaped tile

Try it/ pin anything you wan tot save for later



add images of the wallpaper/ countertops

Pin it!

bathroom and iPad with bathroom drawing

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