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Pick the right paint color for your home office

Now as the holidays approach and we sit with our family- all of our family.  We daydream about “our” goals and avoid politics.  And as we wander off into our own thoughts, the idea of changing our office background becomes a self-serving pleasurable thought to drown out the news. How do I pick the best color for my home office and zoom background?  How do I know what color looks best?  I am only 60 days and counting down from the Pantone of the year. DO I do what they tell me to do?  Or do I do something else?

Paint colors

Deciding a paint color is hard but here is how to do it.

But what color looks best for me?  What color would make a new fresh appearance for me and  the new coming 2021?

Here is what you need to know:

What do you wear?  What colors look great on you?

Now, this is not exactly like the color me beautiful of yester-year but it is the foundation of understanding that if you look good you feel good!

I took the white walls in my office out with a background remover.  I like MagicEraser for the iPad because I can erase what I want and put back what I want.

Maria at desk with background removed

empty walls


I am easy.  I wear a lot of black and white.  I am either in black or I am in a variation of those two colors.  I want to try on paint colors that compliment my affinity for a simple color palette but make me stand out and look nice.

Darker colors tend to set apart the person in front and make the background disappear.

Next I use the iPad app Design Appy.


Here are the steps.


So if you were me which one would you choose?

or maybe I could make a mural instead?

mural idea

more than a tile app.


Design Appy Bet Zoom color

what is your best color?

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