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ORC Week 8: A Mediterranean Vacation at Home

The One Room Challenge was the perfect distraction for me, a designer that has put off designing her own space, and my Mediterranean vacation to Italy was cancelled. I needed to really create a retreat for us to enjoy and  potentially share with our socially distanced friends.

This is the space empty.


This was the space and the furniture that had been banished to it… Pretty pitiful huh?

Before pictures of the patio

The plan was to  fix up a few things and order new furniture:

Before adn after of a few DIY projects

Here are the DIY transformations from previous weeks.


I am thrilled with how it turned out. I featured an original piece of art and filled the space with vintage textiles and a curated collection of bespoke pillows.

Pillows: Steelfeather shop

Design Appy Outdoor living


Design appy Outdoor living Mediterranean style

I am finally excited to show off this area of my home.

Mediterreanen style outdoor space

Creating a vacation at home with Design Appy, Maria,

Outdoor dining room

Go check out all of the other amazing transformations the talented Interior Designers are doing in the One Room Challenge.



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  1. Rachel Joy says:

    Wow! I love how bright and fun this is! You did such a great job!

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