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7 tricks to get the most out of Design Appy

There are more than 7 ways to get the most out of Design Appy as an Interior Designer.

Not all design clients are full service. Some design clients want to spend the day shopping or hire a Designer for a Day to help with a new build.

One of the benefits of offering one of these turnkey services is that the homeowner knows exactly what you spent your time on. They also don’t need to have a followup appointment if they change things… or Maybe they do. In fact, most “design for the day”, clinets will still want a deliverable.  These HGTV savvy design clients also hope for real-time drawings or renderings but none of those deliverables are available in a day of design service.

Until now.

Once you download Design Appy on your iPad here are some tricks to make it easier.

  1. How to get white.  Instead of going for the color circle.  Touch the white slider for white each time.
iPad Design Appy

Select white

2.   Use the Camera to show finishes like wallpaper and tiles. :

Take screenshots of square and rectangular products from the internet, or snap a photo and crop it down in your photo editor.  You can measure the object once it is the space and put it in to scale.

Design Appy bathroom image

Use images you find online can be saved to the camera roll and used.

3. Create Multi-Wall Installs: Blank Walls are your best friend.  

Use the blank wall to make a divider in a drawing or show a point where two walls meet.

4. Add a Second Scale pattern: Screenshot your first tile pattern once drawn.

Then back your drawing into the tile entry screen and change the tile shape and pattern.

Use your photo app to crop the original drawing to how you want to use it.

Import the wall drawing through your camera roll.

Shower wall in Design Appy

Use a blank wall to create an untiled area.  Take a screenshot of your install and reuse it in other drawings

5.  Photograph an existing space and place objects over the image.   

Kitchen remodel in Design Appy

Real-time Collaboration with Homeowner

Entry space

Design Appy Interior Design app

6.  Pair Design Appy with a background eraser- and you can place anything into your drawings.  

Your camera roll can become a curated library of your favorite materials.

Non-Square tiles will need a background eraser to insert them into a drawing like the one shown below.

A mirror from CB2, a restoration hardware light, all easily shown in a space to scale.

Design Appy Vanity wall

Add odd shaped items, lighting, and real mirrors.

7.  Moving a small object is hard but possible, watch for when the pink crosshairs are shown before trying to move something small.

If you are dealing with a small object be careful to make sure you see the pink lines for move.

Stretch is engaged with a blue arrow in the bottom left-hand corner, or the red rotate indicator in the top right. It can be frustrating trying to move a small object.

Design Appy Bathroom tile drawing

Wait for the pink Lines to indicate the moving function


These are helpful tricks to make the app your new favorite tool.

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