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ORC Week 7 Fireplace Fix up

Are we really on Week 7 of the ORC?  I can’t believe next week is the final reveal and it’s so soon.  Today I am going to show you an easy detail to add to a fireplace or a beam in your home.  It’s super inexpensive and so easy to do.

First let me introduce you to my outdoor corner fireplace. I say kooorrrrner…. like it’s something special but the reality of it…designers are not fans. Corner fireplaces are sometimes hard to work around and it leaves you with dead wall space on two sides. Any Whooo … Here we go:

Fireplace mantel

I really want these selenite logs….

I have a simple cedar mantel and it is the same as my indoor koooorrrrner ( roll the R  it sounds fancier) fireplace. I have two of the same stone fireplaces. So I decided I would find some old reclaimed wood to jazz it up.

Jumped on Facebook Marketplace and found some wood for free.  _ well it comes with a few hitch hikers.  Let’s discuss.

Redwood Post

Brought here from Seattle –A legit Redwood piece of an old barn. Buried in a pile of cedar pickets and random wood.

This is where we learn that free wood that is on the ground and positioned 40-feet from the homeowners house. Is not free for the faint of heart.

  1.   Some outdoor use woods were treated with chemicals that are bad for you and your pets.
  2.  Termites live in wood on the ground
  3.  Powder post beetles are a real nightmare. They could be dormant and then start eating you out of house and home.

I brought home the redwood pieces and a few cedar pickets.  The redwood pieces are the right size but only one is in good shape.

Before bringing them into the house:

  1. I placed them in my driveway in a sunny spot. (Texas heat is a killer)
  2. Coated them in orange oil.
  3. Following day, hosed them down with salt water…
  4. Placed a cardboard piece (trap) at the end of the boards and wetted it down again and waited…..

**4 weeks have gone by and unfortunately, I still see indicators of powder post beetles in some of the redwood boards.  I officially organically killed off the termites.

I pulled cedar boards which are smaller widths and lengths as an option. Cedar is naturally insect resistant.- I decided against the grey cedar and decided to push to rehab the redwood.

Cedar Mantel

But wait there’s more.

I love the look of metal bands on beams.  This is a project that me and my trusty drill and a miter saw are taking on… Welding is not an option.  And if you need something a certain size then you have to go custom.   Since this is a budget quick fix. I bought push plates at Lowes and bent them. Theses also come in 30″ and 34″ lengths as a kick plates online and I recommend them for a metal accent.

Push Plates even I can bend

Fireplace easy accent

Works for me!




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