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2019 Books to read for your design business

I hired a business coach 2 years ago and it was expensive.  So expensive, that basically, what she said …I did….   And when she mentioned I needed to read 6 books STAT. I knew I was screwed.  What?!  I don’t read books unless I am on a plane or the internet is not available (also why on a plane).

I needed a new solution. Not an excuse, but a solution.

I just cannot get myself to read books. Sitting happens a bunch- so much so- I have a pedometer and step goals. However, I have never heard of or seen someone not grow while exposing themselves to new ideas and information.

Guess what the most valuable investment is that I make in myself each month? Audible.

Books to put on your to do list.

  1. Overcoming UnderEarning.- Barbara Stanny- Buy this one in paper…. it is a great book club book and get others to do the book with you.
  2. The Subtle Art of not giving and F**k- Mark Manson: The first part is about male ego-ish things and once you get through that… it is good.
  3. You are a Bad Ass By Jen Sincero- Her chapter on money alone is worth this book but I enjoyed her stories.
  4. Tribes by Seth Godin I listened to Tribes then bought it-  Page 112 has a very good story about the brilliant Barbara Barry and how she pitched her Furniture line.
  5. Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller_  It’s like a masters degree in marketing in one book. It explains so much of how the world is operating around you.


If listening to a book on Audio is too much work and time: here are 3 TED Talks

Elizabeth Gilbert_ Your Elusive Creative Genius .   Big Magic has one story that is incredible and is my recommended part of the book.  She covers it in her TED talk.

Tim Harford- How frustration Makes us more creative

Shonda Rhimes and Cyndi Stivers_ the future of storytelling


What I am reading

If you have a good read for 2019 Please let me know!



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